The laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation and means light amplification by irradiated radiation. The history of laser discovery dates back to the 1960s.
Laser cutting is a technology in which laser radiation is used to cut objects; laser cutting is done by using laser radiation from a strong laser output on objects that want to be cut. A part of the object that is cut or water or buned or sublimated and erased by the pressure of gas on the object; and finally, the cut surface is created with excellent quality. Industrial lasers are applied in various industries, such as military, construction, aerospace, medicine, laboratory and research, communication, physics, chemistry and it.

?What is laser cutting

   Ebda Alborz company has two laser cutting machines with the following specifications:

  • Cutting power
    • 3kw
    • 4.4 kW brand Bystronic
  • Fourth axis
    • Cutting diameter 400mm
  • Working table dimensions
    • 1.5 *3m 
  • Cutting precision
    • 0.01 to 0.1 mm

These devices are able to cut the following alloys to the specified thickness:

  •  Iron up to 20mm
  •  Galvanized up to 10mm
  •  Steel up to 20mm
  •   Aluminum up to 10mm
​​​​​​​Laser cutting machines usually need to use auxiliary gases to cut metals gases like:
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  ​​​​​​​Thick alloy metals, aluminum and even narrow copper need the help of nitrogen gas for cutting. All high alloys in low thickness can be cut with all gases. It is important that you consider how superficial you are for your cut metal.
Laser cutting of metals has high precision and quality. This method is also easy to use and can be done even without the operator. The laser has a high speed at low thicknesses, but its speed is reduced at high thicknesses.


   In laser cutting, a strong laser output that is spun onto the object is used to empty the cutting path from the waste from the pressure of the gas help.
   The simplest type of laser cutting machines are two parallel mirrors that form an active environment between two mirrors strengthen the radiation and reflection process to create laser action.In laser cutting machines, like many of today's machines, CNC technology is used for high speed and identical output.
   In laser cutting, there is no need for traditional methods (molding and pressing) and parts after CNC laser cutting do not require re-machining. No buns will be observed on the work surface and burrs behind the work.
    In the cut by the UV laser, etc. because Rays for focal میتابد, components before and after the cutting temperature change unspoken are the result of mechanical properties and the physical materials used retained.​​​​​​​


   Due to the high power of the source, the laser manufacturer has high speed laser devices for cutting parts.In metal laser cutting technology, complex designs and two-dimensional maps and each map designed by a tool like AutoCAD and... Easily implemented.
   In laser cutting, the metals are not applied on the pieces that are cut, and therefore we will not see the crush on the edges of the parts.Metals are cut with very high precision, which is accurately different in terms of piece thickness.
   Laser cutting is used in cases where the user wants to cut metals of different thickness and also when the desired tolerance is low or in other words, high cutting accuracy. Of course, there are laser devices that can cut steel up to a few centimeters, but because of the high cost of purchase and maintenance and high power consumption, their use is not customary.

Laser cutting samples

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