Today, collecting, transporting and finding a good place for urban landfills has become one of the basic challenges facing urban managers and municipalities in the country. Spending huge costs to collect and dispose of waste in our country are generally allocated about one third of the municipal budgets, while 80 percent of the total waste management expenditures are collected and 60% of it Spend the salary of workers. The significance of this issue is that slight improvement in collecting operations can have a lot of effect on reducing total costs.   

Advanced countries and some developing countries recycle nearly 70% of their waste, but this rate is nearly 17% in our country. Over the past decades, many countries have been aware of the harms of waste and managed to put it on the agenda. These actions, good results have been, and now the garbage in the sentence, the Golden that is the source of income in many countries and even families tuned out. but MSN status the good of our country in this field does not show. Still, many of the most basic measures, Waste Management, one of which is the separation from the origin is in the country, the executive is. this is the daily production of waste is also increasing. According to per capita statistics, waste production in Iran is 700-1200 grams daily .After waste collection, transfer, processing and recycling, waste disposal is done in different ways. These methods are: burial, buning, open Depot and compost production. ​​​​​​​

​​​Healthy soil for healthy living

What is compost?

   The indiscriminate use of کودهاي trade (کودهاي chemical)in order to increase the productions of agriculture, particularly in the areas of crop, causing injuries, environmental and disorder in حاصلخیزي the soil is. Some of the negative and destructive consequences of unlimited use of these fertilizers are:

  •  Increase of nitrate and nitrite ions in soil and underground waters
  • Tighten and alkaline soil and reduce its fertility
  • Weed outbursts and plant pests and diseases
  • Reduce the taste and natural smell of fruits

   One of the effective ways to modify and increase soil fertility is the use of green fertilizers and organic fertilizers called compost.  Compost is a mixture of natural materials derived from a biological process in which household solid waste of organic origin such as food waste and

  • Increasing the fertility of soil due to proper nutrients and thus the growth and development of plants.
  • Soil structure modification and soil content strengthening because of the ability to absorb a significant amount of water in compost fertilizer, which reduces the frequency of irrigation and reduces water consumption.
  • Removal of pathogens and harmful organisms and weed seeds due to increased temperature during processing.
  • Creation of porosity in the soil and simultaneous modification of soil physical and chemical tissue that causes jogging and rooting is desirable plant.
  • Quantitative and qualitative increase due to humus, abundance of organic food and the presence of micronutrients.
  • Control soil erosion and soil regeneration and build wet fields with the help of compost coating.
  • Possibility of ground drainage by combining compost and sand.

   Organic substances contained in compost are actually microorganisms that keep the soil in a healthy and balanced state. Nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus substances that are the result of feeding the microorganisms from organic materials are produced and result in only a small number of nutrients, which remains must be the soil be added. Most gardeners and farmers have long understood the goodness of this black, rich and natural fertilizer.
     Urban experts believe that 70% of the garbage in cities is more garbage and therefore they can be converted into compost. The least advantage of this work is to prevent the production of thousands of cubic meters of leachate and millions of tons of methane gas and prevent the polluting of a large part of the environment.

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