​Three lever gate


  • Ability to install a variety of card readers, fingerprint sensors and facial recognition system
  • Built-in algorithm for controlling gate locks, no need for complicated programming
  • Hydraulic suspension system to retun the lever to zero point without hitting the user
  •  Soft movement of the lever with minimal force
  • Free software protocol for programmers 
  • Very low noise




​Double lever gate

  • Possibility to schedule gate either unilaterally or bilaterally at different times
  • Special design for highway routes
  • Different working modes for high-traffic times, privacy, emergency
  • Possibility to put the gate in an unobstructed situation by maintaining traffic control function
  • High speed to prevent unauthorized traffic without hitting the user
  • Soft motion without vibration and very low noise
  • Moving motor is lever without the need for user intervention
  • Safe commuting patten, low depreciation, long lifespan   





​Glass gate


  • Application of Server motor, AC, DC
  • Application of micro controller and PLC based controllers
  • Using precise industrial encoders to obtain barrier positioning
  • Not removing the device from the initial setting due to continuous and long operation
  • Long track length to reduce violation in passing
  • Very low noise and no vibration



​Full-height gate

  • Ability to install a variety of card readers and fingerprint sensors
  • Free software protocol for programmers
  • Has built-in algorithm to control gate locks, no need for complicated programming
  • Hydraulic suspension system for Lever back to zero point without collision to user
  • Very low noise  




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