The company manufacturing and industrial innovation, Alborz, Qazvin, in the year 1382, with the goal of entrepreneurship and development, technical services in the field of design and manufacture of industrial moulds debuts in Afghanistan. The development of equipment and production space, as well as increasing the skill and corporate executive in various fields caused that company executives are thinking of creating a holding industrial, manufacturing and commercial, have attempted to set up subsidiaries in various fields work. Hence, the use of skills in the fields of design, industrial, mechanical engineering, machine tools, electrical and electronic, agriculture, chemistry, and computer and create synergy between them, the workshops and the following companies under the holding, innovation, launch, was:

  • Laser Cutting Service workshop with possession of two metal laser cutting machines
  • Machine tool workshop with possession of centre milling machines, CNC milling, lathe
  • Construction workshop with the possession of specialized bending, stamping CO2 and argon
  • Company control systems in the field of design and production of equipment management and traffic control
  • Arka Sanat Faragam Fakher Company in the field of designing and producing a variety of agricultural equipment (sprayer-beeler-moor) as well as importing and manufacturing spare parts for harvesting machines including combain and class chaper
  • Compotech industrial group in the field of designing and manufacturing waste recycling equipment and producing compost fertilizer
  • Oxygen industrial group in the field of production of poultry and greenhouse halls and jet heater​​​​​​​

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