Industrial molds that are used to produce have a variety of types of production, according to the final piece and the characteristics of which the pieces are expected, the type of mold is also different, in general, the molds can be divided into four categories:

  • Folding Molds
  • Plastic injection molds
  • Forging templates
  • Press molds include:
    • Cutting molds
    • Stretching templates
    • Form format
    • Bending templates

what is mold manufacturing?

   Industrial molds built in the invention of the Alborz are often of the following forms:

  • Plastic injection
  • Cutting
  • Discharge
  • Bending
Diskist format

  In the form of a ditchester, hot steel work is used, the casting process in the ditchy formation involves the use of a funace, the use of metals and alloys as the raw material of the molding process and ultimately, the departure of parts made of the mold. The cars that are embedded on them are a metal compartment that is generally made of high heat-resistant alloys (from this compartment for alloys with low melting temperature, and a cold compartment that often alloys with The high melting point is used for alloys such as aluminum.

plastic injection template
Today, in plastic form, MO40 steel is commonly used. Basically, there are two main parts in each injectable format:
1- Fixed section of the mold (semi-constant) injected in this semi-heat injection of plastic injection.
2. The moving part (semi-stimulant), which is closed in the moving section of the injection machine and the system and the mechanism of the removal of the parts are often in it.
Determining the number of cavities and mold compartments is one of the important points of designing injection molds.
Plastic molds in this field are two types:
1- Single-cavity molds (single quiet):
In some cases, single-cavity molds are used, which is limited to the production of plastic fragments. Therefore, designing and manufacturing single-cavity molds in terms of construction time and economic issues will be cheaper, and also in cases where the size and weight of large plastic pieces.
2- Multi-cavity molds (several Quetta):
If the number of product products is high, especially in cases where the piece is small, the design and manufacture of multi-cavity molds are used.
  • Cutting mould
   For shaping metal parts, cutting, forming and stretching operations are used. Which is commonly referred to as preskari or swaging. Because cutting molds are more sensitive to form and stretch, and the basis for subsequent operations will be the alloy used in the construction of cutting molds, SPK steel.  The reason for the use of cold-rolled steels for cutting molds is the wear resistance with minimal radiation, and this property causes high impact resistance and hardness .
  • Bending mould
   In the bending process part of the flat edge of the workpiece is rotated and angled around a straight line.When bending a part of the sheet (piece of work) under the influence of stretch, and part of it under the influence of pressure is, however, among the sheet linear hypothetical there, along which no trace of compression or elongation of view, not to its neutral axis, or Neutral Axis, they say.

   In the distance from the neutral axis to the inner part of the workpiece (moving one toward the center of the bend), tension, pressure, and from the neutral axis until the area of its extenal (distance from the center of the maze) tensile stress is created. In the manufacturing process of bending molds, usually steel DF2 is used, we use metal molds for bending sheets in the industry .Bending molds have a large share in the industry, with the help of which a bending can be created from 1 to 180 degrees in parts.
​​​​​​​  To build a template in the company coined the Alborz should be the first piece by specialists of the company, and then Software SOLID WORKS , CATIA ,AUTOCAD, design, and later by machinery, industrial machining to be made.

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