Balancing hose sprayer​​​​​​​

Model 1000 liters

  • Sturdy and durable chassis made of industrial profile with electrostatic paint
  • UV anti-radiation fiber tank material to prevent brittleness and maintain color by sunlight
  • Use of Korean panaphax high quality hose with anti-bursting and double skin
  • Clean water tank for washing hands and face
  • 180-liter solenoid valve filter to prevent the solution from leaving when cleaning filter strainer
  • Automatic filling of the strainer and 5-meter hose strainer
  • Has a wide cycle to prevent soil knocking
  • Three cylinder pump 50 times with 80 liters per minute construction company ONTAR Turkey
  • Equipped with three-valve lever regulator with the possibility of adjusting the pressure from zero to forty times
  • Internal agitator of the tank for uniformity of the solution inside the tank during spraying
  • Ability to install two hundred-yard spool

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